Aug. 28th, 2013

Don’t Sweat the Sweaty Stuff.

Remember the folks at miraDry? Of course you do; they’re our most memorable client of all time. They invented a way to significantly reduce underarm sweating. What? We can explain.

There are millions of Americans who experience excessive sweating – 1 in 5 to be exact. So the next time you soak a henley after walking two blocks, don’t assume you’re out of shape. Some people just have overactive sweat glands. And since not many people talk about it, not many people know what to do about it.

A few mediocre solutions exist. Botox works, but you have to go back every few months for it to stay working. Relying on prescription antiperspirants is like plugging a leak with a marshmallow. And surgery is never fun. (Except maybe for Mortaron Ben Klau, who says he loves getting MRIs.)

miraDry is the only non-invasive treatment that produces lasting results. We’re talking an average 82% reduction in underarm sweat. It’s a big deal. But it’s also an admittedly touchy topic to broach.


We were asked to concept and develop a new website for miraDry. But more than that, these guys needed help talking about a taboo topic in a non-taboo way. Many people would be reluctant to share the time they were sitting on a leather barstool during a date and contracted a case of Swamp Ass. But y’know what? Sweat is an overwhelmingly normal human occurrence, and there are people out there who need answers. So we decided to cut the crap and get real.

If anyone’s adept at speaking candidly about awkward topics, it’s comedians. So we scouted and hired local funnywoman Meredith Terry, and asked her to talk openly and honestly about Underarm Sweat. She was a natural, ad libbing her way through the muggy trenches of perspiration without a hitch. Waxing poetic about unicorns, T-Rex, and unbecoming sweaty hats, her quirky vignettes both break the ice and educate viewers about how miraDry works. It’s not something you see every day – which is exactly why we did it.




Here’s something else you don’t see every day: a Sweat Cost Calculator. People who sweat a lot go to distressing lengths to cover it up, and it ain’t cheap. Cost is certainly a consideration with miraDry, but we wanted to show folks they might already be spending a boatload on treatments that don’t last.

sweat calc


Real, honest conversation. It’s Mortar’s sweet spot. Go ahead – talk about your pit stains to that stranger on the bus. Chances are, they’ve got some, too.


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