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June 30th, 2014

Pop It Like It’s Hot.

We love surprises. And a pop-up store for a cloud computing platform qualifies as a surprise in our book. Amazon Web Services has set up shop at 925 Market Street, offering educational workshops, laidback coding lounges, and an “Ask an Architect” counter where you can do exactly what it sounds like. Apparently the bouncer is choosy, so we snuck some pics for those of you who aren’t suave enough to make it past the door.

Turning a virtual product into something you can see, hear, and touch? That’s a smart move. And it never hurts to provide mountains of junk food and beer to win those coders’ hearts.

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June 12th, 2014

Seeking Outbound Sales Jedi, We Are.

The Challenge

Source, develop, and arrange meetings with national marketing and brand executives for an ambitious, fast-moving, SF-based brand and advertising agency.

About You

Your background is most likely in media sales or an industry that markets to professional marketers. You have probably been in contact and worked closely with leading advertisers and marketers in the Bay Area and beyond. Your success has been founded on developing and maintaining trusted relationships.

You thrive on the thrill of the hunt, and are very comfortable in full-court-press outreach mode.

You have no qualms picking up the phone and calling leads, both warm and cold.

As this will be a salary plus commission role, you’re confident in your ability to use your well-honed Jedi mind tricks to unlock the value of your rolodex and nurture new prospects.

Do you feel at your best in presentations, and excel in solving business challenges in new and unexpected ways? Are you familiar with Keynote, or at least a quick-study?

Are you fluent in any or all of the following?
– Sales
– Business development
– Salesforce management
– Cold calling
– LinkedIn lead-building
– Proposal writing
– Marketing and business strategy

If so. . .

We’ve got a seat on the Millennium Falcon waiting for you.

Please send along your resume, a link to your LinkedIn profile, and your best haiku about bears to (put JEDI in the subject line).



June 4th, 2014

Exploratorium the for Work Our Out Check.

Over the past few months, we’ve journeyed with the Exploratorium from the strategy phase to creative execution, and man-oh-man what a sweet ride it’s been. The people who work there are so flippin’ smart, we get butterflies when they speak. For those not privy, the Exploratorium is a museum unlike any other museum. Part science, part art, and centered around interactive exhibits, it’s a full-blown cognitive and sensory experience – no matter what age you are.


The museum recently relocated to Pier 15. Stunning architecture and avant-garde outdoor exhibits draw you before you even step inside. 

As you might predict, the Exploratorium is a haven for families with kids. But on Thursday nights, the museum is open exclusively to adults 18 and over for $10-15, a discount off the regular $25. Basically, you pay less, you’re allowed to drink alcohol while touching everything in sight, and you don’t need to take down a mob of five-year-olds just to see the concave mirror exhibit. It’s clearly a win-win-win.

We knew the Exploratorium wanted to promote their Thursday night events. We also knew that their exhibits play with perception, presenting the world in ways you’ve never seen it before. So we created ads that do just the same. It was almost too easy. (Just kidding. Nothing we do is easy. Except Spoonrocket. That ish off the hook.)


The posters are currently up at Muni stops, BART stations, as well as thousands of local store and restaurant windows. Also running are the following radio spots on Pandora. We hear Yoda is a huge fan.


Exploratorium, “Perception Flipped #1”

Exploratorium, “Perception Flipped #2”

For the optimal viewing experience, continuously rotate your computer screen 180 degrees.




Exploratorium_FB ad

The next time your Thursday night plan involves Blokus and a 72-ounce Gatorade, haul your rear to Pier 15 instead and experience the transcendent wonder that is the Exploratorium. You really have to see it to understand it. And even then, mystery a still is it.