Category: Art & Leisure
January 8th, 2015

Crank the Badass Up to 11.

Our newest art director Katie Steward has only been at Mortar a month, and she’s already showing us up in the BAMF department. A mural she created just went up 1069 Oak Street, behind the Kelly-Moore Paints building at Oak and Divisadero.

katie mural


The colorful piece, which depicts a disfigured dancer, is meant to capture the way dancing can feel for the performer, rather than the audience. Yup, Katie’s also a dancer with 20 years of modern and ballet under her belt. Crank that badass to 12.

Katie spent two months bringing the 12×16-foot mural to life in her garage before putting it on display. We gotta admit, it’s refreshing to hear about something other than a startup coming out of a garage these days. Read more about her sweet project here.