Oct. 6th, 2006

Women Win Yahoo Hack Day

Sarah Thompson here… Interactive Producer at Mortar. My first post on the Mortablog – big day for me!

I had to share my small world tidbit and do some name dropping:  One of the 3 gals that won top prize at Yahoo Hack Day, Diana Eng, daughter of Doug and Dorian Eng, is the former neighbor of my mother-in-law, Angie Thompson (Worthington Glen subdivision in Jacksonville, FL).  I met Diana Eng and her family back when she was like 11 years old… Now look at her, all-growed-up and winning brainiac contests, her face plastered all over the blogosphere.

Props to the ladies!


The winning project, called Blogging In Motion, combined a camera, a handbag, a pedometer and the Flickr API to create a device that takes a picture after every few steps and then automatically blogs those pictures. The device was created by Diana Eng, Emily Albinski and Audrey Roy. Read the full story on TechCrunch.

Check out Diana Eng’s blog, entitled “Popular Transit: the story of a nerd who aspires to be a fashion designer.” Diana is/was also a designer on Project Runway Season 2 – what a multi-talented gal!

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