Oct. 6th, 2006

C’mon it’s Friday.

Let me see now.

This was a busy week for the Blog.

We brought you erection aid ads, racy Italian hairdressers, well thought out pieces on Burger King’s move into online games (here and here), a link to Long Tail author Chris Anderson’s recent speech at GGU, proof that consumers barely tolerate our product –and that advertisers have to offer more than just product atributes if they expect to be listened to. A  description of creative development with 2X truthiness. A lengthy exposition on reconciling online and offline return on investment. News about a humorous new campaign for St. Mary’s emergency room (say it with me people, the fastest ER in the West is on the corner of Fulton and Stanyan in San Francisco)

Oh, and a scintillating shot of Lotus’s amazing abs.

So you can forgive us a little potty humor as we close out the week.

Saw this banner on a site this morning. And of course I pressed the button. (It flashes in the HTML).


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