Jun. 24th, 2006

The Google Touch

Picture_1Is Google losing the midas touch?

Following up on the mess that is Gmail, tonight they offered me a Guatemalan video on My Google homepage.

Google Video started appearing on My Google pages this week.

Surprise, the video is in Spanish.

I don’t speak Spanish. I don’t regularly search for Spanish things.

This selection is a misstep. It prompts me to doubt the G men.

Fellow blogger Piers Fawkes takes Google too task for its inability to spider Blogs and points to other problems with their search algorithm.

Google may lead search he argues, but that is not to say Google search is perfect. Because too much of search is based on what  pages seem to be about –rather than what the pages really are about.

At the risk of being branded an i-heretic I wonder how far we are from the next Google?

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