Jan. 23rd, 2008

That which doesn’t kill us makes us d’oh!

We’re all feeling a little better at the Mortar these days. The violent strain of ebola which ripped through the office has weeded out the weak and left us much stronger for it. We’ll miss you Mr. Monkey Nuts.

We were even well enough last evening to watch a little telly when we saw a delightful new Mastercard ad with dancing kitchen implements – the massive amounts of cold medicine consumed recently may have added to the delight just a bit. We wanted to post said ad but cannot yet find it on the Interweb – again, cold meds may be playing their part in the non-search find-y trouble.

We did find a funny parody of an ad but it wasn’t really Mortarbloggable. It’s here if you’d like to view it. It’s dirty but in a fun way.

We also found this old Simpsons Mastercard commercial:

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