Sep. 23rd, 2009

Somewhat Hilarious Results.


One day a while back, digital marketing innovator Eyeblaster looked around and noticed – "Hey! Digital media sucks! You spend all your time running reports that don’t work, and no time on strategy!"
 So they built a product called MediaMind that fixes all that.
Then, they had us make them a couple of videos about MediaMind.
Then, they put the videos up on a pretty cool aggregator site –
The critics are somewhat amused.
“A frustrated user then airs her grievances with somewhat hilarious results.”

 If you’re in digital media, definitely check it out. Even if you’re not, go watch the videos. You’ll recognize a few Mortar folks in there – and perhaps learn to fear Alice as much as we do.

Robot Fabrication by Art Wilinski
Field and Post-Production by Upper Diamond.

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