Oct. 8th, 2009

We Grow Weary Of Your Sexually Suggestive Dancing – Bring Us Our Ranch Dressing Hose!


Far be it from us to criticize the great Hugh Hefner (blessings and peace be upon him,) but the cover girl for Playboy's November 2009 issue is rumored to be…Marge Simpson?! Well, we suppose it does get folks talking about Playboy, which is always a good thing. For Playboy.

Plus, it gives us an excuse to post random Simpsons quotes:

MARGE: Do you want your son to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, or a sleazy male stripper?

HOMER: Can't he be both, like the late Earl Warren?

MARGE: Earl Warren wasn't a stripper!

HOMER: Now who's being naïve?!

You tell her, Homey.

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