Apr. 26th, 2013

Needing Senior Account Executive With Giant, Pulsating Brain.


Did you ever see that old episode of Star Trek with the scary aliens in the blue sparkly muu-muus who could just kind of pulse their giant brains at you and get you to do stuff? That’s the type of impregnable leadership and persuasive moxie we’re looking for. (Minus the sparkly muu-muus. We think.)

We’re Mortar, and we have an opening for a Senior Account Executive. As you can probably tell, we’re a different kind of ad agency – one that prides itself on building brands people love, as opposed to kissing butt and doing timesheets. That being said, you’ll still have to do timesheets. And budgets. And presentations. (And clean the sink if you mess it up. We’re not your mother.) As for the butt-kissing, our clients won’t stand for it, which is fortunate, because we’re terrible liars. And now, onto the nitty-gritty.

The Duties:

• Manage client relationships and projects from start to finish.

• Maintain and manage clients’ expectations, budgets, and timelines. (Clients don’t always know what they want. It’s your job to help them figure it out.)

• Clearly communicate the clients’ needs and expectations to the creative, planning, and media teams.

• Defend the agency’s work with a brand of passion that could make Oprah shudder in her sleep.

• Keep your manager involved and informed on all the important day-to-day aspects of each account.

• Accurately scope for and manage resource utilization.

• Write project briefs, proposals, and presentations.

• Exemplify outstanding customer service, while also following company processes for project workflow. Realize that these two things cannot always coexist without some negotiation. Your job is making the client happy, while also keeping your internal teams successful and sane (because in the end, that’ll make your clients happy).

The Requisites:

•    At least 2-3 years of direct experience working in an ad agency.

•    Experience managing digital marketing, website design, and social media projects.

•    Excellent communication skills: writing, presenting, conversing, networking.

•    Ability to juggle projects and multitask like whoa.

•    Ability to work independently and exercise good judgment.

•    Strong customer service skills.

•    A sense of humah.

•    Mac-friendliness is a plus.

•    Experience with healthcare and B2B technology is a plus-plus.

Homework, except fun:

While the font size and justification on your resume might reveal something about your personality, we like to see more. So if you would, take a minute to pen a haiku for us. Topic: anything related to outer space. It’ll be fuuun, we swear!

If you’re up for the challenge, email your resume, cover letter, and haiku to alexa@mortaragency.com, and put “Senior Account Executive” in the subject line.

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