Apr. 29th, 2013

Jojo Cheung, Interactive Producer + All-Around Badass.



We don’t even know where to begin. Her real name is Josephine; we know her as Jojo. By day, she’s our whipsmart interactive producer whose precision puts Swiss watches to shame. By night, she’s a pool-shootin’, brick-breakin’, lion-paintin’ bundle of badasserie.

Arite, let’s break it down one by one. Jojo started learning pool at age 17. She and her dad would play each other, betting on big ticket items like bubble tea. But it wasn’t until the last two years that she started to get serious about her billiards. She joined a league, the San Francisco Pool Association, and started playing every Tuesday with a regular team. After kicking some particularly impressive ass at Jillian’s one night, she was invited to join a women’s team.

Last May, she and the girls traveled to Vegas to compete in the BCA National Championship. (Yes, there’s a Billiard Congress of America. They appear to accomplish more in one day than our Congress does in a year). Under the moniker Short ‘n Surly, Jojo and her teammates placed 17th out of 160 teams in the Women’s Open Teams division. That’s right: Our interactive producer is a nationally ranked pool shark. And since she’s not the type to brag about it, we’re doing it for her.


So, why the attraction to pool? “It’s infinitely frustrating and challenging, so it feels really good when you do well,” says Jojo. “When you take a shot, you can really place the cue ball anywhere, so there’s an analytical aspect to the game that I like.”

Don’t you question Jojo’s analytical skills. The girl studied Applied Mathematics at the National University of Singapore. While there, she also learned qi gong, an exercise and meditation practice that involves breath alignment and harnessing one’s qi. She must have gotten pretty good at it, considering she broke a brick with her bare hands. Do not mess with this one. She might look harmless, but she’s got a fire within, and you will get burned.

And that’s only her left brain. Jojo’s got an artistic side, too. She’s done illustrations, clay modeling; she even painted her car. Which is equally dope as it is smart. Who’s gonna cut off a driver with a Chinese Northern Lion on their door?


As for what’s next? Jojo has ambitions of taking up knife throwing. With too many tragic shootings racking the country, she was inspired to find a way to defend herself and others in a threatening situation. For now, she’s starting with darts. We repeat, watch yourself around this one.

When she’s not painting lions or hurling sharp objects, Jojo practices pool three times a week. Challenge her to a game – if you like losing.

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