Aug. 29th, 2007

Larry Harvey weighs in on Customer Service


Reacting to the early, premature burning of the "Man" at this week’s festival of fire, Burning Man, the King of Black Rock City apparently reacted with" laughter", reports today’s Wired.

"Burning Man’s co-founder and director, was on a platform in his camp watching the eclipse when he noticed his Man on fire. Once realizing that the fire was under control and no one was apt to be hurt, he says, his immediate reaction was laughter.

The early burn, he said, will help show that the Man itself is "nothing but a wooden doll," and that the event is really about the joint effort of attendees to create it. It will turn this year’s Burning Man into a "narrative of community and redemption" as the attendees get to see or assist in the public rebuilding of the statue, he said."

How’s that for a lesson in handling corporate disaster (are you listening Pepsi-Mento’s-person?).

Mortarblog is proud to report that the scorched man still stands, awaiting his fiery ascent this weekend.

More here.

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