Jul. 12th, 2007



HOMER: "Dear Lord, as I think of You dressed in white with Your splendid beard, I am reminded of Colonel Sanders, who is now seated at Your right hand, shovelling popcorn chicken into Thy mouth.  Lord, could You come up with a delicious new taste treat like he did?  I command You."

Apparently, the good Lord has heard Homer’s prayers, as well as our own. Gentle readers, I give you the apex of epicurean advancement: Chocolate Freaking Bacon.  

Gaze upon it and bathe in the warm, bacon-scented chocolatey light of its existence.

"Are The English Really Better?"

Methinks we have the answer to that question. Methinks we do indeed.
Call us when you invent something, you know, good, Ringo.

Thanks as always to the loyal American patriots at Freakgirl for the tip.

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