Mar. 18th, 2009

“Your Food Makes Me Poop.”

Remember that one time with the woodchuck and the creme de menthe and the explosions and then the cops came? It was fun. It was more than fun, it was legendary. For the next 18 months you were “Woodchuck Girl,” or “Blasty McCrazypants” or just “That dude? He’s insane.”

Good times. But they were also messy times. And dangerous. And quite possibly illegal. Why are we talking about this? Doesn’t this violate the terms of the plea bargain? It might. But we have a point, and it is this:

You say you want “to do a viral.”

We say: “Sure. But it’s messy. And dangerous. And it’s going to give your brand manager the agita.”

This Los Angeles Times article on Jack in the Box’s latest extravaganza says it perfectly:

“For social media to be effective, says Mark Avnet, a professor at
Virginia Commonwealth University’s Brandcenter, it has to be reasonably
transparent and unmediated, even anarchic.

“It has to have authenticity or it loses its social currency,” Avnet says.

And that means allowing your brand to be taken over at times by lunatics.”

Are you ready for that? For reals? Read the article. See how it’s done…and how it’s not. Then tell us you want to do a viral. Operators are standing by.

And just for the fun of it, let’s brainstorm:

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