Jun. 8th, 2007

In Which We Suspect Count Chocula.

Our friends at Boing-Boing note the passing of Pamela Low, who created the flavored coating of Cap’n Crunch

They also note a disturbing design trend…or is it something worse?

Here we have Original Cap’n Crunch:


This Cap’n keeps it real. He’s got his sails set, a fetching first mate, and plenty of supplies laid in for the journey. Note the heavy-lidded eyes. (Perhaps a port of call in Jamaica?)

Here’s 1970’s Full Color Cap’n:


Actually, it’s his French counterpart, Le Capitain Monsieur Crunch D’Bouche.
Eyes a little more open, but  no more girlfriend.
(Love, she is fickle.)

Now, let’s meet today’s Captain Crunch.


AIEEEEEEEEEEE!! Look, kids! It’s our friend "No Time To Sleep, The Illuminati Control Everything, Man!" Captain Crunch.

Can’t you just picture this meeting?

CLIENT:  "We need a vibrant Cap’n Crunch. A real go-getter. A  post 9/11 Cap’n Crunch, ready to defend our shipping lanes in the War-On-Terror ."

DESIGNER: "Sigh." (Dies a little inside.)

Would you let Captain Tweaker near your kids?

Perhaps he’s just stressed out about the competition:

We’re on to you, Chocula.


  • Jun. 11th, 2007

    I’m thinking the ‘Cutie’ is feigning another “headache”.

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