Jun. 11th, 2007

Uh oh, someone’s going to get in trouble…

Wow, this is something you want to avoid at all costs.

See that big orange AT&T / Samsung ad? I mean, how could you miss it, really.
Most of the pages I go to on Wired.com has that flash ad that just shows up and covers a large section of the page. There is no close button or any other way to remove the ad; it even covers up the global navigation on the home page…  ultra-bad juju.


It is making some folks pretty peeved – read some of their verbatim comments below: they are talking boycotting both AT&T and Wired.

Can’t close advert with either firefox or internet explorer – better fix it wired

It’s pretty poor representation for your brand. Totally unusable.


last time i visit wired for a while, whos with me on the boycott?

Boycott AT&T

Seriously, WTF? Wired should be able to do better than this crap.

Good thing Tony Soprano isn’t around anymore, or a boycott would be the least of their worries.

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