Dec. 19th, 2011

We wish you a blurry drinkfest.

Well, friends, 2011 is nearing a close, and it’s been an enlightening year.

We learned that real protests can still happen, ones powerful enough to spawn an impassioned movement worldwide.

We learned that Friday, the most sacred day of the week, will forever be marred by a whiny, lyrically challenged, brain-anesthetizing anthem (no, Ben Pang, we don’t know if Rebecca is single).

And we learned that you never know when the harsh B-29 of reality might firebomb you from behind.

Because no December is complete without an inordinate bombardment of cheer-infested messages, here’s the holiday card you’ve been waiting for. Circular protuberances not included.

We filmed it on our enviable new chalkboard hallway. Next time you’re around, maybe we’ll let you add your own drawing – if you’ve been a good girl or boy.

Happy Holidays. Here’s to throwing back five too many gingerbread and tonics this weekend.


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