May. 10th, 2007

“Vote Vertebrate 2008”

While it’s far too early for any candidate to earn the highly coveted Mortar Endorsement, we thought we’d take a moment to heartily applaud these ads from New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Two simple spots, with just a hint of humor to them, and the proverbial switchboards are lighting up.

The spots are the:

  • 18th most viewed today on Youtube
  • 3rd most viewed Political Video
  • 2nd most linked-to political video

Why are people reacting so positviely to Richardson’s ads? Because political advertising is a wasteland.

And we’re insulting wastelands when we say that.

Richardson’s ads prove once again – creativity is the ultimate "force multiplier." It makes the little guy seem big. When you’re running a distant fourth in the horse race, do you do what everyone else is doing? We think not. We think, you get creative. Sure, being different is scary for some.  (The D.C. establishment is, as usual, scratching its collective head  over the spots,) And sure, everyone will tell you why you shouldn’t.
But the payoff? Unquestionably the biggest bang for your buck there is.

All it takes is a clear idea of where you are, and where you want to go.
And a spine. Vertebrates have a clear advantage in the marketplace.

Well done, Governor. We, along with many others, will be on the lookout for your next spots.

Anyone else out there want to do work people actively look out for?  Operators are standing by.

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