Jul. 13th, 2006

Web makes a monkey of the Networks. Virals ads twice as effective as Superbowl advertising.

Picture_11_3 The Wall Street Journal reports that Careerbuilder’s recent Monk-e-mail email program has been played 44 million times and attracted 6.5 million unique visitors to the site. As the budget was "around" $200,000 it compares very favorably to Careerbuilder’s ads on the Superbowl.

In contrast, the TV cost around $5 million to air, reaching a maximum of 90 million viewers.

Mortar’s advanced mathematicians figure each Superbowl viewer cost 5 cents. A view of the Monkey’s provided a web view for half that (2.5 cents).

And unlike the Superbowl ad Monk-e-mail has a much longer tail — its still pulling visitors and generating word of mouth a year later .

No wonder the venture capital community is wondering why Madison Avenue is taking so long to move its dollars from broadcast to the Web.

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