Jul. 10th, 2006

OB10 goes global with the Mortar

We (Mortar) just launched this website for the global OB10 network.

I know. You miss the typical opinionated Mortablog rant.

But let’s be clear, we started this blog so we could share our love for our clients with you.

And there is a lot of love for mighty OB10 at the Mortar.

The good folks at OB10 look after the little guy: they speed invoices across the Internet AND they save trees.

You should see the reception these guys get at Shared Services conferences. They are like rock stars in Accounting.

Take a look and pass it along to the people who pay your bills.

The opinions expressed in  Mortablog  are not necessarily those of the author or anyone else at the Mortar
for that matter.  Just who owns them is kind of unclear really.  If you
do find someone who will own up to them for sure, let us know.

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