Nov. 16th, 2006

The Final Frontier. Brought to you by KFC.


Following similar efforts by Maxim, Micheal Castleon reports that the KFC logo is one of the first to be seen from space. One can imagine the intersellar reaction….

KANG: "Soon, Kodos! Soon, the inhabitants of this pathetic little planet will bow before us! Mwahahahaha!"

KODOS: "Yes, Kang. Your plan has worked out brilliantly. They puny humans will never…hey! What’s that!"

KANG: "It appears to be…a face! I think the humans are trying to send us a message!"

KODOS: "Perhaps they are more advanced then we thought. Obviously, this is their leader. An older, Southern gentleman, wearing a quaint string tie."

KANG: "And what’s all this about a "secret recipe?" I don’t like it. I don’t like this at all. I fear a trap."

KODOS: "As do I! And yet…I’m exhibiting a strange craving for Boneless Honey-Barbecue Colonel’s Strips."

KANG: "I too, feel this craving. We must be strong, Kodos! I totally just joined a gym!"

KODOS: "But, you’re not fat!"

KANG: "You’re just saying that. Much like our home planet of Rigel-7, I have my own twin moons. Oh, and obliterate the humans."

KODOS: "As you wish."

Read Michael Castellon’s full story.

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