Nov. 14th, 2006

As a matter of fact, the carpet does match the drapes.

In an infamous episode of Sex in the City, Kim Cattrall’s character, Samantha, discovers a grey hair…down there. After being told that plucking each individual hair actually causes the grey to spread, she attempts to dye it. Instead of getting “the carpeting to match the drapes” so to speak, Samantha ends up looking more like she’s giving birth to a tiny clown.


Now, fast-forward to Betty Beauty owner Nancy Jarecki sitting in a Rome salon: “As I saw women leaving the salon, I couldn’t help noticing that some would linger by the door. After a few minutes, their colorist would come back with a little paper bag, hand it to them, and send them cheerfully on their way. When I inquired about this mysterious ritual, the receptionist said, “Per sotto, per farli combaciare,” meaning  “For the hair down there…to make it match.” I thought, “How genius!” 

Betty Beauty recently launched a new product specifically formulated for “the hair down there”. These pubic-hair-dying kits are being marketed with great names like: BROWNBetty, FUNBetty (in hot pink), BLONDEBetty, AUBURNBetty and BLACKBetty. Check the entire line out at or in select salons.

Last week, Betty Beauty’s website was on pace last week for 2 million annual visits, running well ahead of Procter & Gamble Co.’s and climbing toward that of L’Oreal’s website.

Colorarci ha impressionati!


  • Nov. 15th, 2006

    Only her #$%! Knows For Sure

    The product promotes itself as Color for hair down there. it is the first over -the-counter- hair coloring product for the Betty. The business story is that the product’s creator invested in just one $1,995 full page ad in the

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