Oct. 10th, 2007

The Mortar Lunch Quiz


At Mortar, we’re all about accountability.

We keep meticulous records of our time, so when clients ask
"What are you people doing all day?" we don’t answer "Um, er, ahhh, yes. Right. Have you lost weight?"

In fact, our records are so meticulous, we even write down what we do on our lunch hour.
Try to match the comment with your favorite Mortar employee:

"I had a falafel sandwich. With bacon!"

"I went to Briazz today. I used to work there. It was awkward."

"I bought pants on my lunch break today."

"I bought Sophie lunch today."

"don’t eat at Ming’s on mission st, their chow mein tastes like soap and the orange chicken doesn’t taste like chicken…"

"exposed Thea to the wonders of del taco"

"got ignored at bistro, then got gypped at Lee’s on my BLT;  barely got any bacon."

Winner gets lunch, courtesy of the Mark Williams Foundation For A Better Life.

Not valid in the continental United States or Northern Queensland.

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