Mar. 16th, 2012

The Link Dump At The End Of The Rainbow.

“I find James Joyce impenetrable, too, lass.”

Old-school Mortarblog readers will recall that we’re not huge St. Patty’s Day fans, as our old office was right above The Irish Bank, and the wee beasties we’d have to step over to get in and out of the building were naught but a curse.  Still, we’re not completely old and grumpy. Here’s a shamrock:

Well done as  usual, Guinness. (And thanks to our peeps at ThinkSF for the link.) We would have shared it with you on Wednesday, but our interwebz blew up and we were busy, um, handling the crisis.

As for you, have a lovely weekend and St. Patrick’s Day, and be sure to avail yourself of the Hangover Ninja Strike Force if you need them. They are silent but delicious.



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