Apr. 25th, 2007

Sexy, sexy Martha Stewart?

Martha_2Does domestic-arts maven Martha Stewart have the power to steam-up the DIY crafts industry?  With her high-profile media businesses feeling the strain of advertisers migrating to the Internet and declining audiences for daytime TV, Martha has launched a new line of more than 650 products for scrapbook enthusiasts. 

While bottles of glitter and colored markers may not bring the dowdy crafts industry the reportedly sexy makeover intended, perhaps she should focus more on breathing new life her icy on-air personality.  For now, she’s facing stiff competition from spunky spitfire Rachael Ray.  (We looked up the status of her current feud with Ray, and pulled up this old gem from TMZ.)


  • Apr. 28th, 2007

    For me Martha Stewart has had her day! Plz! It’s not her age (women are sexy at any age), it is her ice persona that bothers me.
    When you put her up against Racheal Ray, the witch melts.

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