Dec. 5th, 2006

Scratch N’Sniff Bus Shelters

Smell-o-rama fans rejoice: Scratch N’Sniff outdoor is finally here.

Local agency Goodby Silverstein snagged a generous amount of PR for long-time "Got Milk" client, the California Milk Board with five aromatic billboards in San Francisco.

"Vanilla-y,” one woman said as she walked past the shelter. 

"Cherry undertones  —  and waxy,” said another woman standing inside. 

"These don’t smell anything like cookies my mom baked,” said a teenager. 

"It smells like my kid’s lunch pail,” said one man. He walked away before
he could say whether that smell was pleasing or offensive.

Louis Zafonte, vice president of Arcade Marketing, the company that
manufactures the scent strips that are affixed to the bus shelters, speaks like
a mix of preacher, scientist, therapist and businessman when he talks about

"Scent is a primary driver of memory,” he said. "It can trigger wonderful

The strips, no larger than a typical adult’s hand, have been strategically
placed throughout five bus shelters in the Union Square, Financial District and
Nob Hill neighborhoods. The aroma is expected to last a week or two before it
will have to be replaced. Zafonte said the cost is about $25 per shelter. 

Read the full story on SF Gate here.

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