Sep. 3rd, 2009

Revenge is so passé. Frenemies for Life is the Reno way.

So what do you do when a hilarious comedian mocks you relentlessly, making you the butt of a joke on a national stage for, oh I don't know, say…6 years?

Given some variable demographics, you might:

Throw a rock

Start a band

Sob uncontrollably

Post some nasty Facebook photos

Make a voodoo doll


6) Do what Reno did. Go renegade with a reverse psychology smack-down and launch a national PR campaign to celebrate them…but not without being a little cheeky.

A couple weeks back when the network-who-could-not-be-named announced they were ditching Reno 911!, the RSCVA sprung into action with a Save Reno 911! viral campaign which has resulted in some great buzz. 

Contrary to logic but embracing all irony, not only do they want to show to survive and thrive, but this time with a catch: FILM IN RENO. Duh. Last time we checked the Sierra's didn't have palm trees.

And its at benchmark status folks:

1,220 petition signers on the website
1,293 fans on Facebook
267 followers on Twitter

…and counting. Check out this USA Today article that is right on the money. And stay tuned for more from the Save Reno 911! coalition. This ain't over 'till we get some Dangle action up there.

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