Sep. 15th, 2009

Making The Logo Bigger.

This is the trailer for Logorama“17 minutes of Hollywood blockbuster action, rife with car chases, natural disasters, and hostage-taking, but created entirely out of real world logotypes and brand characters. In it, you’ll see the Michelin Man, the Haribo kid, Bob’s Big Boy, Mr. Pringle and Ronald McDonald, but in some very unfamiliar roles playing the classic movie archetypes of good guys, bad guys and foils.”

We certainly do assign personalities to brands – it should be interesting to see the filmmakers’ interpretations of each one. For example – we can see Ronald McDonald being evil, if only because he’s a clown. But the Michelin Man is the good guy? We would’ve gone with Mr. Peanut.

Naturally, this – like all great ideas – has been done before by The Simpsons.
Via Creativity.

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