Sep. 21st, 2006

Th avera stude misse twent fiv perce of wha yo are sayi .

Picture_1_3FrontRow doesn’t just make teachers’ voices louder, it makes them clearer.

And Mortar helps FrontRow make themselves clear with a shiny new website,, is live.

Click through to marvel at:

– Embedded quicktime movies featuring real teachers extolling the benefits of wearing a mic in class. Other than looking like j-Lo, we mean.

– Play Mootown match-up – Jeremy and Hugh’s very effective attempt to channel the mind of a
kindergartner. Guess, who had to supply the animal sound effects when we ran out of budget?

– The bright, playful colors (oohh, fun) and the complete lack of imposing technology.

Seriously, they are cramming up to 35 kids into the 4th grade classrooms right here in San Francisco. You don’t have to be a parent to appreciate how loud those classes are.

Front Row has a glorious future as long as we insist on teaching our kids in crappy facilities and pack classrooms to the limit.

The website is part of an integrated campaign for Front Row that included a name change (they are the company formally known as Phonic Ear), brand development, PR outreach, and online and offline advertising.

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