Mar. 5th, 2010

NASA has nothin’ on Girl Scouts


It's Girl Scout cookie time, which also happens to be our favorite time of the year.

Coincidence?  Maybe.

Or maybe its because the days are getting a wee bit longer, the cherry blossoms are a bloomin,' and we no longer have to harbor misguided and irrational rage towards a bitter and lonely breed of rodent who may or may not see his own shadow in some destitute New England village.

But mostly it's the cookies.

Cookie booth sales kick off TODAY,  and our very own Nor Cal Girl Scouts are leading the way in the social media and tech space, being the savvy, smart and notoriously adorable little do-gooders who have captivated NPR's All Things Considered.

Where can you buy some boxes, you say? All systems GO for the GPS locater of confections, the interwebs' answer to sugar withdrawals. Visit -and type in your zip code for a booth near you. Plus you can make amazing recipes like Do-Si Do® Thai peanut chicken, Somoas® Fried Shrimp, Thin Mint Brownies and OMG I'm too hungry to keep going.

Did we mention all cookies have 0 grams trans-fat? No breaking resolutions quite yet.  Hurry up though, the kiddies pack up stands on March 21. Now only if NASA could get their act together…

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