Jan. 24th, 2007

MortarBlog reveals all in Virtual Rorschach. Imagini launches visual DNA profiling.

Hairy_1 Behaviorists arise: a new tool from Imagini is profiling consumers using visual clues. The UK company launched its Virtual Rorschach onto the great unwashed last year and has since amassed the usual list of Big Name Marketers (Microsoft, Vodafone) who are tackling the Really Big Issues. But beneath the hype lurks a useful tool for proving that a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Today’s Journal reveals that 130,000 people have already completed a Imagini profile; MSN tested the service with 50,000 users last year.

And it is amusing. According to Imagini I share my aversion for hairy males with 29% of Imagini participants. Only 5% find someone picking their nose more gross.

Oh, apparently the site also provides a unique gift finder for the hard to buy for. Amongst its recommendations for Mrs Mortarmark was a very tasteful Ceramic Wasp Trap and the rather amusing idea of sponsoring a milk Cow (I guess you have to know Ms M to laugh at that one… or maybe not). The Gift Guide is here. Fair warning it only seems to serve the British at this time.


  • Feb. 1st, 2007

    More from Imagini: a US version of their gift finder:
    I saw you recently mentioned the Imagini™ Gift Finder on the Mortar blog.
    Well, I thought you might like to know that we’ve just launched a Valentine Gift Finder to help users get the perfect gift for their loved ones and you’ll be happy to see that this one doesn’t serve the British!
    You’ll find it’s slightly different from the previous Gift Finder:
    First you invite your Valentine to take a test. They get asked to complete 9 questions and also get a personalised report. You get a copy of their report but you also get a secret list of things that they are likely to like.
    Do try it out – it’s really fun and we’d love to hear what you think of it!

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