Oct. 30th, 2006

Men lack laws. And ROI. Early returns for ManLaw campaign suck.

What is MortarBlog if it is not a place of balance? A small oasis of transcendance in a sea of hyperbole and fluff? And what would we be if we didn’t point out when Johnny Consumer gives our heroes a black eye every now and then?

Take our pals at Crispin, who are laughing in the face of a significant decline in Miller Lite sales despite  another fabulous commercial and matching online viral support. From today’s Ad Age:

Not for the Faint of Heart: Crispin’s Rules for Digital
Jeff Hicks Gives a Five-Point Guide to a Post-Interruption World

Interruption as a tool is obsolete. Let ideas find the medium. Great ideas, not channels, create buzz. Get comfortable with consumers messing with your brand. Business results are the only measure of success.

Those five points are the new rules for the digital experience, according to the leader of the agency that’s arguably done the most to re-write the advertising playbook….

"People want to interact with [brands]," [Crispin CEO Jeff Hicks] said, and doing so has huge payoffs. He cited the popularity of the website manlaws.com, which was born out of Miller Light’s "Men of the Square Table" campaign. The site allows visitors to post their own laws, like whether it’s OK to wear a pink shirt to work. Between May 15 and Oct. 15, the site drew more than 122,000 man laws and 875,000 unique visits for an average of 10 minutes, Mr. Hicks said.

However, in that time the brand’s sales have been less then stellar. Shipments were down 5% in the third quarter and down 3.6% over the six months through September, according to Beer Marketers Insights. In less then two years, Miller Lite tumbled from best-performing of the three domestic light beers to worst.

Ouch. Hey its advertising: no one knows for sure what will work. Read more here.

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