Jul. 10th, 2007

Meet Pokey, The Slowest Zebra.


So these two zebras are chilling on the savannah, eating lots of grass.

One says to the other,
"I’ve got to cut this out. I’m going to be too slow to outrun the lions."

And the second one says,

"Meh. I’m not worried about it."

"You’re not?" says the first zebra, "Why not?"

"Because," answers the second zebra,
"I don’t have to be faster than the lions. I just have to be faster than you."

This zebra was, apparently, not very fast. Which is why he’s now on the floor of David’s cube.
We expect to hear from PETA shortly. Or a lion.

Side note: This picture was sent via Nick Talbert’s iPhone. It really is all that.
We are more jealous than a pack of hyenas circling the carcass of a, well, you know.

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