Jun. 1st, 2007

Let’s Give Something Back.

You know, we have a lot of fun here on the Mortarblog, but we’re about giving back, too. Take a moment out of your busy day and spend some time with comedian Ricky Gervais as he raises awareness of poverty in Kenya. It’s not like the usual pitches; you know the ones, they claim to be about helping people, but they’re really just cheap, shoddy vehicles for self-promotion. No, we’re not into that. We’re about helping people. And so is Stephen Merchant. He appears in this video because he cares about the state of the world we share, not because he needs to raise his own profile. Or sell Daz Detergent.  Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is on board; he’s about solving problems, too. Not selling cookbooks. Because what could be more cynical than that?
Selling bloody cookbooks in Kenya? That would just be wrong. But we’re not about wrong. We’re about brotherhood. We’ve got Geldof, for goodness’ sakes. What more do you need?  If you don’t well up when a Kenyan villager gives Gervais his most prized possession, your very soul is in peril. Or, you’re out of onion rings. Check it out, won’t you? When you give back, everyone’s a winner.

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