Jun. 6th, 2007

Galaxy Wars

StarwarsApparently Mortar is in the throes of an internal battle for space.  To counter Account Services’ imperialistic cubicle-grab, the Creative Department has established a bulkhead by welcoming three new talents to the team.  Thank GOD one of them has considerable experience battling the Dark Side, or else the fight may have been lost.

Interactive associate creative director Chris Inclenrock hails from Lucasfilm, where he was responsible for the development and art direction of all websites including starwars.com.  Most recently, he was the Director of Interactivity at Francis Ford Coppola presents, where he was perhaps best known for discovering the secret key to the private wine cellar and drinking his way through much of the famous director’s old and rare vintages. 

David Myatt, associate creative director, brings more than 15 years of experience in the creation and design of advertising and branding to the job.  Rumor has it that he can’t spell, but no matter—he’s an art director, and a darn good one.  A fine artist cursed with the brain of a marketer, David has worked for RBG Marketing, TMP Worldwide, and Austin Knight, and has solved the toughest of creative marketing problems for industry leaders like Time Warner, Geico, Nike and AT&T Wireless.

As for designer Michelle Kim—not only has she traveled the globe and then some, but the girl has one unbelievable portfolio.  She’s studied at RISD, Corcoran College of Art and Kenyon College, and holds a second degree in Anthropology from UVa.  Before discovering her true calling, she lived in Paris, taught Kindergarten in Seattle, and flew fighter kites in Bombay.  Oh yeah, did we tell you that she also spent considerable time studying with the Jedi masters?

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