Jun. 21st, 2007



It’s the second coming next Friday! Okay, so no Jebus ain’t returning, but the iPhone makes it’s debut and, to listen to some gadget geeks, this might be only slightly less important.

Slate’s Jack Shaffer is not one of those geeks. Quoth Shaffer:

No drop of milk oozes from the Apple teat without a crowd of journalists gathering to swallowing it up.

Gawker Media kingpin Nick Denton likes the quote – as do we – but has a different take on the situation:

First, Apple has indeed have dribbled out news about the iPhone — such as the extended battery life, the smudge-proof screen, and easy access to Youtube clips — quite strategically. The Slate columnist, among others, has noted the company’s cleverness in building up excitement. But Apple also gets admiration for precisely the opposite strategy, when it holds back, with incredible discipline, all details of a product until the actual launch. Truth is that, when a company has a hot product to sell, its marketers will look brilliant, whether they dribble or withhold.

Either way, the commercials make us drool in anticipation like a zombie hankering for some gray matter.


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