Oct. 5th, 2006

Honda planner reveals sordid secret.

Ever wished you could look over a rival’s shoulder and listen to their pitch? Russell Davies (a fellow Brit if I am not mistaken) does just that and demonstrates its actually kind of like listening to a kindred spirit — only wittier and more like, totally artic-ew-lat. Check out this description of the creative process (ripped with no editing from his blog) and then read the entire post.

It’ll change what you do in your next pitch.

Wishitwasliekthis"… This is the model of idea creation that most agencies (advertising, digital, whatever) sell their clients. A bunch of smart strategists narrow down the strategic possiblities (with their clients or without) getting to a simple, smart, sharp, focused strategic idea
which forms the basis of a controlled explostion of creativity. (Not too big, not too small). This idea is then implemented across a number of media channels to the happiness of everyone . This model is, of course, complete bollocks, and it’s designed chiefly, to save money by a) keeping the really expensive people (the creatives) working for the minimum amount of time and b) making the process look calm and predictable. No good idea has ever happened like this.

The reality of any good process that produces great work is more like this:

It’s a mess. A good strategist involves the executers as soon and as often as possible. She allows execution to feedback into strategy and vice versa. Something that happens at the end changes something you thought of at the beginning. It’s chaotic, wasteful and unpredicatble. It involves lots of people, lots of dead-ends and wastes lots of ideas. But it’s the only way to produce stuff that goes beyond the everyday run of communications. Something that people actually want to engage with. Something that works

p.s. And marvel at how he integrates You Tube videos and his camera into the post. We have to try that.

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