Oct. 30th, 2012

Hollie Garcia, Senior Graphic Designer + Future Etsy Shop Millionaire.

There’s a rumor going ‘round that Hollie Garcia, Senior Graphic Designer at Mortar, used makeup to transform her co-workers into zombies, and that Friday’s zombie outbreak at 25 Maiden Lane was staged. We’d like to clarify that this rumor is false. We saw those flesh-eaters with our own eyes and THEY WERE 100% REAL, BABY.

Only REAL zombies can do the Gangnam Style. 

We understand, however, why such a rumor got started. Hollie does know how to do some scary realistic makeup effects. It’s just one of the many skills she’s picked up over the years.

While studying graphic design at San Francisco’s Academy of Art, Hollie squeezed in just about all the elective courses she could: bookbinding, letterpress, silkscreening, and makeup effects. She even knows how to weld. We’re talking Darth-Vader-style masks, electrode currents, and molten metals hot enough to burn your face off. Naturally, we’ve granted her lifetime membership to the Mortar League of Badassery.

If Hollie’s crafts were offspring, bookbinding would probably be her favorite child. A lot of her work involves exposed stitching – like sewing, but with paper and big needles. See Exhibit A.

Exposed stitch bookbinding, by Hollie. 


Letterpress wedding invitations, by Hollie.


This is a box Hollie made out of paper for a homepage image. Can you handmake a box that looks deceptively like buttercream icing?


And did we mention that the girl can bake? She makes a pumpkin tiramisu so good you could probably bribe a plant with it.

Moral of the story: Hollie makes a lot of things, which makes the rest of us look pretty lazy and unskilled. Now excuse us while we go back to lounging in our store-bought screenprinted tee, eating our DiGiorno pizza, and reading a book we most definitely did not bind ourselves.

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