Jan. 3rd, 2008

Geek Love


Presenting The Galactically Hot Women Of Star Trek, The Original Series.

Regarding our spokesmodel, Wikipedia says:

"After Kirk (William Shatner) kisses Andrea (Sherry Jackson) the second time, the viewer can see that her lipstick is now all over Kirk’s lips and that her lips are swollen from the very rough kiss. The Sci-Fi Channel produced a series "Star Trek on Sci-Fi" in which anecdotes were discussed by TOS cast members and guest actors. In this episode’s production of that series Sherry Jackson reveals that the kiss was supposed to be a "screen" kiss, but William Shatner used full tongue and startled Jackson."

We are suddenly overcome with the urge to visit Priceline, if only to bask in Shatner-y goodness for a while. 

Meh. Urge over. We’ll just check out this brilliant photoset a while longer.


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