Oct. 25th, 2006

For Those About To Rock, We Salute You.

A friend of the Mortar’s found this poster on the Sunset Strip, and we say, if this kid doesn’t make it as a drummer, (and we hope he does) he’s got a future as a copywriter. Certainly, a phrase like “[Let’s] start the BIGGEST, most OUTRAGEOUS, fucking WILDEST party band to come SCREAMING out of the strip!!!” cuts through the clutter.  But what makes us hold our lighters aloft is the author’s obvious passion for his work. See, there are probably a thousand kids in L.A. who rock a paradiddle better than the Legendary Teenage Drummer. No matter how technically skilled he is-or-isn’t, someone better will come along tomorrow. Proving once again that relative merits are just that – relative. If you make a nice widget, your competitor can make a nicer one tomorrow. But it’s damn near impossible to compete with true passion. Which the Legendary Teenage Drummer has in spades. Just something to keep in mind the next time you’re thinking about your message. Tell your story as if you  “…sure as hell can’t do anything else”.  Because, as LTD correctly notes, "…the BIGGEST sin in rock n’ roll is being BORING!" 

We concur wholeheartedly.

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