Aug. 7th, 2008

Finally, a crop circle ad that’s vaguely relevant to the medium.

Possibly the… what’s the word… stupidest new trend in advertising, crop circles have gone way, way beyond aliens and now promote everything from radio stations to Unicef. Problem is, no one sees them unless they happen to be flying over in a passenger jet looking out the window, or they’re flying a UFO looking for a recognizable symbol that says "Land Here." No doubt there’s been much confusion since advertisers stole the idea.

Another problem is that most of these ads are nothing more than big (literally… ha… ha.) publicity stunts and are more than a little conceptually lacking. They’re a lot conceptually lacking. They just look cool, and contribute to the global hunger crisis by giving farmers yet another thing to do with their crops that’s more profitable than food.

Exception: this ad for Papa John’s.


It’s whole wheat! Get it? Made out of whole wheat! Wheat doesn’t get more whole than that!

Aaaah, a concept. I love it. Kudos to Papa John’s and designer Stan Herd. Big kudos. (Get it?? Big? Cause it’s a big ad?? I make myself laugh.)

And of course AdFreak. Slightly smaller kudos to you.

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