Jun. 22nd, 2009

Devilishly Clever Public Relations Intern Who Can Also Do Other Stuff

We’re looking for a proven self-starter. Wait a minute. What the hell
is a "proven self-starter" anyway? Does it mean "capable of waking up
in the morning?" Does it mean "able to hotwire a car?" That's a
terrible phrase. OK. So. We're looking for someone who can wake up in
the morning, hotwire a car*, and come up with a better phrase for
"motivated person" than "proven self-starter." You'll also need superb
verbal, writing, and organizational skills. It would be nice if you had
prior agency experience, but if you don't, don't worry.

About you:

You're crazy for the media – your understanding of the hideous
she-beast that is the popular culture sets you apart. Experience with
and/or understanding of the "social media" revolution / web 2.0 is a
big plus- you don't have to be a tech expert, but you do need to know
that Facebook is for more than just seeing how pathetic all your exes
have gotten. Experience with online media directories (i.e. Bacon’s) a
plus but not required; we are a Mac-powered office, hopefully you are,
too. (Mac-powered, not "an office." That would be weird.)

Sense of humor g-o-o-d, but professionalism paired with a voracious curiosity for all things media is what we are really after.

In addition to PR support, there will be additional administrative
research/business development projects that will also be a major role
in your daily duties.

This will start as a 1-3 month “test drive”, with excellent potential
for full-time hire. (We are not currently accepting applications for
summer internships. Please apply only if you are available on a
full-time basis should this turn into a permanent position).

In addition to the obligatory coffee, skittles and beer, we’re
offering something a little different. The chance to help build a new
kind of agency. Send an email pitch, along with your resume. Due to
time constraints, we can only respond to candidates we want to
interview. And no calls, please. We’re on the phone enough already.

*You don't actually have to know how to hotwire a car. But it'd be a hell of a lot cooler if you did.


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