Nov. 6th, 2006

Degrees for those who won’t be inheriting Daddy’s company.


Audiences know San Franciso’s Golden Gate University (GGU) isn’t in the Ivy league.

But they know it certainly isn’t a diploma mill either (like some places we could mention).

In fact, ask their students and you’ll learn that the classroom experience at GGU is second to none.

So, you have a real school, with outstanding faculty and a long, long history, competing for attention with marketing organizations offering a degree-in-five-minutes.

How do you position a high quality organization like GGU for today’s undergraduate audience? By talking about a GGU education as something of lasting value – typically the kind of thing you’d have to be related to someone hoity-toity to have access to.

Gratuitous bashing of the hoity-toity follows. Click here to see more from the campaign. Click here to get your degree.

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