Jun. 22nd, 2006

Do you Think Different?


Can you beat Tricky Nick, Mortar’s resident Planner?

Turn the incorrect Roman-numeral equation XI + I = X (made out of 10 sticks) into a correct one by moving as few sticks as possible. First correct answer gets $10 in Fandango bucks. Email your answer.

Update: can’t wait? the answer has been posted here.


  • Mortarmark
    Jun. 24th, 2006

    Update: Friday PM late. We’ve ahad two entries so far. Both are wrongo.

  • Jun. 26th, 2006

    Symantec gets it backwards

    PC virus fighter Symantec takes a bold step in this month’s Wired with a promotion tied to the release of Columbia TriStar’s DaVinci Code movie. Symantec’s campaign revolves around ads printed backwards, forcing readers to hunt down a mirror to

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