Oct. 25th, 2013

Another Website, Another Excuse to Look at Chest Models.

If someone asked you to wear a heavy, clunky necklace attached to wires that connect to electrodes all over your chest, we doubt your answer would be “Sure!” Same goes for every heart patient whose doctor prescribes them a Holter monitor. The device looks like something out of a bad sci-fi movie. It’s no shocker it was invented in 1949.

Problem is, too many medical devices are designed purely from a physician or engineer’s point of view, which blindly brushes aside the most important audience of all: the patient. Like any sensible group of human beings, Corventis had an inkling there was a smarter way to monitor heart conditions besides a big bulky mess of wires.


So they set to work, and after years of research developed a groundbreaking wireless monitoring device called NUVANT MCT. It’s soft, rests inconspicuously under your clothing, and is roughly the size of a granola bar. (Are we hungry or something?) Patients go about their daily business, while NUVANT continuously monitors information and transmits it wirelessly, helping physicians diagnose conditions like arrhythmia conditions like atrial fibrillation.

It’s so plush, your puppy could mistake it for a chew toy. Patients love it because they hardly remember it’s there. Physicians love it because it gives them timely access to the data they need. Compared to the Holter monitor, this is like going from horse and buggy to hydro jetpack.


The technology was spectacular. Unfortunately, their old website (below) didn’t match up. It didn’t show that NUVANT MCT was a groundbreaking product with loads of clinical data to support its effectiveness. It didn’t show that the device had already successfully helped thousands of patients around the world.

 corventis old


Mortar to the rescue. We gave Corventis an aesthetic that matched the sophistication and human focus of NUVANT. Clean, bold lines. Large-scale imagery with a close-up, intimate feel. Simple infographics to demonstrate how the product works. The site is a thousand times warmer, and easier to navigate. We knew their technology was miles ahead of the competition, and now their brand shows it.

corventis bike

corventis new


Side note: Do you recognize that handsome golden chest in the homepage imagery? We certainly hope not. It belongs to Mortar account coordinator Alexa Leung’s very own pops, Kit Leung. Alexa had been scouring the internet for 60-year-old males (in the cleanest way possible) when she realized there was one right in front of her – the one constantly asking if she’d found a nice, tall man to marry. Kit was an absolute pro during the photo shoot, which ain’t a surprise – he was an advertising creative director for 30 years. We thank him for his service.

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