Dec. 2nd, 2013

Aliens! Ninjas! Pterodactyls! GGU?

Don’t you hate it when you start something, but everything gets in the way of you finishing it? Like when you’re one bite into a mind-blowing panini, and someone yanks you into a meeting about timesheets. Or when you’re trying to write a blogpost, and people keep sending you amazing internetz finds like this. Or this.

Or when you’re on your way to a bachelor’s degree. You commit yourself to earning that all-important piece of paper with Latin scribbles on it. But sometimes, unexpected things derail your quest. There’s no need to get into the details of those things, in the same way we won’t discuss what kept you from attending Sally Jenkins’ slumber party in first grade. All we know is, stuff gets in the way.

Since 2002, Mortar has handled the advertising work for Golden Gate University, a school primarily known for its graduate programs. But this summer, GGU wanted to promote its undergraduate program, which deals with a much more specific audience. These are people who have been out of the college game so long they’ve forgotten how insipid college food can be, not to mention what the word “insipid” means. They’re also blasted with continuing education ads left and right – none of which have been effective.

To get these folks to notice us, we needed to give them ads that looked nothing like continuing education ads. So we did.




You’re a formerly matriculated individual entering the BART station. You stop for a moment. You chuckle. And you realize you’re far from alone in the Journey to the End of Your Degree.

No aliens were harmed in the making of these radio spots.

(If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, you won’t be able to see the web banners below. Put that device down and watch where you’re going. We guarantee you’ve already made 3 people spill their coffee.)

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What’s that? Oh, just a katana-wielding ninja leaping across my screen. NBD.

We’d say the moral of the story is “Zag when others zig!” but we’ll spare you the exasperated sigh.


  • Judy Gundersen
    Feb. 1st, 2014

    great-catches the eye and ear with no blah, blah, then gets to the heart

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