Jun. 14th, 2007

WiTricity – the next big thing?

I have been struggling with management of power cables and chargers for
years. Reading this Sci-Tech Today article about "WiTricity" makes me all giddy with
hope for a wireless energy solution.Multipot_3

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers made a 60-watt light
bulb glow by sending it energy wirelessly — from a device 7 feet away
— potentially heralding a future in which cell phones and other
gadgets get juice without having to be plugged in.

However, the technology has a ways [sic] to go before it becomes practical. The MIT system is about 40 to 45 percent efficient — meaning that most
of the energy from the charging device doesn’t make it to the light

If the technology can be perfected and made "ready for the masses," it could render products like the MultiPot (shown above), ChargePod (which Gizmodo boldly calls "the future of gadget charging"), and websites like CableOrganizer.com obsolete, or at least do some major damage to their bottom lines.

It isn’t the END of chargers… if you had WiTricity at home or work, but you were on a business trip, you would still need all your chargers. At least until hotel chains catch up and offer it: "Continental Breakfast / Free WiFi + WiTricity / In-Room Skinimax."

I am going to keep my eye on this WiTricity… hopefully one day in the not-too-distant future, I can say bye-bye to all that cable clutter!


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