Jun. 9th, 2006

Where’s my World Cup Webcast?

How far have we come when I can’t watch the first game in the World Cup from my desktop?

One of my clients has put a TV in their London office out of fear employees will stay home and watch the game. But millions of people (like me) are glued to their desks at work. I just logged onto EPSN’s Soccernet and Fifa’s World Cup site on Yahoo. Neither offers a live webcast of the events. There is a cool real-time web commentary on ESPN but no live video.

I’m sure a webcast would produce a major network meltdown; but I am disappointed that we have not built enough capacity to serve it up — and that someone, somewhere couldn’t leap on this chance to tell the world about their streaming prowess.

In this age of the fragemented viewer, it was a rare chance to reach the entire world.

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