Dec. 11th, 2006

Milk promo soaks up the ire of the homeless.

Proving once again that San Francisco is nobody’s bitch, the city’s homeless and diabetics–the chemically challenged"–rose up last week to denounce the latest salvo in Goodby’s "Got Milk" campaign–cookie scented bus shelters.

In what was possibly the most impressive piece of general agency PR ever spawned by a buy of less than $5,000 and no more than 8 hours of daylight, Goodby secured nationwide headlines with its new outdoor program. Prompting a post in even this, the most august of blogs: "Scratch N’Sniff bus shelters".

Mind you, considering it took the good people of our fair city just 24 hours to get the program pulled I am not sure which lobby is the most effective. 

Our hearts go out to the creator, Louis Zafonte of Arcade Marketing, the company behind scent strips. He pretty much watched his entire business implode last week. Rumor has it he’s a little ticked too.
A little birdy tells MortarBlog that Goodby’s PR team went off half-cocked.

There’s an insight here ladies and gentleman: don’t test your wacky ideas in freaky San Francisco. 

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