Oct. 27th, 2009

We Thought Of It First!

“Content themed to your target’s daily passions, routines or rituals are
great for habituating conversations. And, habituated conversations have
the greatest opportunity to generate ongoing revenue and almost
unbreakable customer loyalty.”

Marketing: Communications Strategy for a Conversation Model – Advertising Age – CMO Strategy.

Allow us to break it down:

Setting up a Facebook page is not enough. That’s like hearing that someone wants to have a conversation, and handing them little finger sandwiches so they can snack while they have the conversation. It’s nice and all, but it’s also irrelevant.

CONSUMER: “I’m thinking of buying a hybrid.”

BAD MARKETER: “Great! Would you like a sandwich?”

CONSUMER: “No thanks, I just ate. So where are the reviews of the top three hybrids?”

BAD MARKETER: “Sandwich?”

CONSUMER: “Still no. Are there surveys? Forums I could read?”

BAD MARKETER: “These sandwiches are delicious. We cut the crusts off.”

CONSUMER: “Grrrrrr.”

Aaaaaand scene.

The point is – treat  your marketing like a real conversation. Listen. Respond. Act like a human, not a robot.

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